See below all the professional services you get from Windsor Towing

Dispatch & Trucks

Professional Expedited Dispatching & Modern Tow Trucks


Our dispatch is fully staffed 24 hours a day every day of the year! Our GPS tracked trucks are always just moments away!

Latest Modern Fleet!

Flatbed and Wheel Lift services for the careful handling of your vehicle!

Flat Tire & Roadside Asst.

Fast & professional service to help you when you need it the most!

Flat Tire

Windsor will replace a flat tire with your inflated spare. When a spare is unavailable we will tow you to the nearest professional service center of your choice.

Roadside Assistance

If you're broke down or stuck on the side of the road, Windsor Towing will quickly dispatch a truck to you and get you to the service center of your choice!

Storage & Motorcycle Towing

Secure storage facility and motorcycle towing by our professional drivers!

Secure Storage

Windsor Towing has a secure storage facility that is well-lit and equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras. If your desired drop off location is closed, or you just need to store your vehicle until your insurance can inspect it, we can help.

Motorcycle Towing

If your motorcycle will not start, or you have an accident, we can transport it to your home, a repair shop, or any other location you choose.

Jump Starts & Lock Outs

Broke down or locked out of your car - Windsor Towing is there to help!

Locked Out?

One simple call and Windsor Towing will dispatch a certified technician to get you back in your vehicle.

Jump starts

We will jump start your vehicle. We will get you going or tow you to the nearest professional service center of your choice.