Ask your self what do you want to accomplis with a website?


Website Features and Pricing

Website Tasks

1.    Set Up server – Ours or hosted………  Basic or higher
2.    Manage server and email health………  Gold or higher
3.    Configure DNS severs………  Basic or higher
4.    Configure CNAME Servers………  Gold or higher
5.    Design a page – computer………  Basic or higher
6.    Design a page – mobile – with clickable phone number & email………  Basic or higher
7.    Build and Construct Site ………  Basic (up to 4 pages) or higher
a.    Home Page
b.    Services Pages
c.    Contact Us Page
d.    Product Pages
e.    Set Up & Manage external links
8.    Add a form (contact, question…)………  Basic or higher
9.    Add a Map………  Basic or higher
10.    Add a video………  Gold or higher
11.    Optimize for search engines (SEO) ………  Basic(one time only) or higher (if higher ongoing)
a.    Keyword
b.    Alt tags
c.    Picture titles
d.    Page titles
e.    Link-text
12.    Hosting of site ………  Gold or higher
13.    Email addresses with url – 100 ……. Professional Only
14.    Picture editing and optimization for web usage (sizing, fixes, filters) ……. Gold or Professional Only
15.    Ongoing Updates and changes from client ……. Gold or Professional Only
a.    Immediate for top line
b.    2 Business Days
Marketing – Only Available on Gold and Professional Levels
1.    Budget plan meeting
a.    Set budget based upon wanted results
b.    Ad $ put on client card
2.    Facebook ads
a.    Set up and track likes, clicks, traffic
b.    Reports monthly with traffic results
3.    Google AdWords
a.    Select keywords
b.    Set area for as to appear
c.    Mobile targeted campaign with phone CALLS in tracking
d.    Search campaign tracking CPC
e.    Set budget based on wanted results
4.    Other Services
a.    Apparel, ad specialties – quoted on need basis
b.    Print Advertising – Quoted on need basis
5.    Other Services to be added with agreement

Reputation Services – Only Available on Professional Levels
1.    BBB fixes
a.    Raise Rate to highest possible
2.    BBB responses
a.    Contact Client for info then respond thru the BBB system
3.    Facebook page setup
4.    Facebook reviews
a.    Contact Client for info then respond
5.    Yelp page claiming and set up
6.    Yelp reviews responses

  1. a.    Contact Client for info then respond

7.    Google Business set up
8.    Google review responses
a.    Contact Client for info then respond
9.    Other areas possible with agreement.
1.    Already have in place sever & DNS 

  • a.    Only provide quick one-page info with current builder on server
  • b.    No maps, forms or add in’s

Basic Level Site $3500 - $150 Per Hour after site launches live.  Max 4 Pages

Gold Level $15000 – 6 Months included -  $150 per hour after 6 Months Unlimited Pages

$30,000 – 1 Year included - $150 per hour after 1 Year Unlimited Pages